| Transport Department request the public to avoid middlemen, agent and touts.| Use helmet during driving two wheelers.| Always carry original vehicle documents while driving.| Road safety is life safety.| Normal speed meets every needs.| Keep sufficient distance from vehicles.| Speed thrills but kills.| Do not drive rash.| Switch off your mobile while driving vehicle.| Join hands with us for every one's safety on road.| Life is precious-drive safely on Road.| Don't mix driving and drinking.| Use seat belt while driving four wheelers.

Who Is Who : Transport Department
Transport Minister
Sri Pranajit Singha Roy
Telephone: (0381) 241-3366 (Office/Fax)
                   (0381) 241-8069 (Office)
Principal Secretary Transport Department 
Sri Sriram Tarani Kanti
Telephone: (0381) (Office/Fax)             
Addl. Secretary Transport Department
Sri Debananda Reang
Telephone: (0381) 2416044  (Office)
Addl. Secretary Transport Department
Smt. Maitri Debnath
Telephone: (0381)  (Office)
Under Secretary Transport Department
Sri Nihar Ranjan Das
Telephone: (0381) 2418115  (Office)
Joint Transport Commissioner
Sri Ajit Debnath
E mail: — jt.transportcommissioner@yahoo.co.in
Telephone: (0381) 232-4601 (Office)
State Public Information Officer
Shri Ratan Lal Datta  

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In case of any discrepency, please contact Transport Department