Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Learner License:

Ans: An applicant for the grant of a non transport vehicle driving licence under the age of 50 years does not require a medical certificate. However, those applicants who are over 50 yrs. of age must produce a medical certificate in Form – 1A.

Ans: The applicant shall have attaining the age of 16 years in case of motor cycle with engine capacity not exceeding 50 cc (motor cycle without gear). The consent/declaration of the parents/guardian is necessary and shall be signed before the Licensing authority. The applicant shall have completed the age of 18 years in case of motor cycle with gear or light motor vehicle. In case of Transport vehicles one year driving experience of light motor vehicle. Medical certificate in Form 1A is necessary in case of Transport vehicle.

Ans: Learner’s licence is valid for the period of 6 Months.

Ans:Applicant has to undergo offline test regarding basic Traffic rules & Driver’s responsibilities and has to pass the same. Learner’s License will be handed over immediately after test.
These tests will be conducted by the Inspector of Motor Vehicles.

Ans:Traffic signs, traffic signals and rules of the road regulations made under section 118 of Motor Vehicles Act.
Duties of driver when his vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in death or bodily injury of a person or damage to property of a third party.
Precautions to be taken while passing un-manned railway crossing and
The Documents he should carry with him while driving a vehicle.

Ans:Applicant can reappear for test on the next day onwards.

Ans:No, in case of private or non-commercial vehicles, it is not compulsory.
However, in case of commercial vehicles, it is compulsory because the Motor Driving School has to issue Form No.5 for commercial driving licence.

Ans:The following points need to be kept in mind by a Learner’s licence holder :
The learner’s licence holder should get training under the supervision of a Permanent driving licence holder.
The learner licence holder has to display symbol -L in a Red color that should be visible from a distance.
In case of commercial vehicle, the learner licensee has to undergo training either from Government Motor Driving School or Motor Driving Schools authorized by the State Government.
In addition to practical training, the learner’s license holder should also learn about the vehicles’ mechanism, road symbols or signs etc.
If you are learning how to drive a two-wheeler, you cannot carry any other person on the pillion except your instructor.

Driving License:

Ans: As per Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a valid Driving Licence is necessary to drive any motor vehi

Ans: The applicant should appear in person along with relevant document before the Licensing Authority with the following:
Application in Form No.4 (available with the department)

Valid Learner’s Licence held by the applicant for the relevant class, which is older than 30 days
4 recent passport size photographs of the applicant
Applicants for Transport Vehicle Licence should enclose a Training Certificate in Form No. 5 issued by a recognised driving school.
The applicant shall pass a driving test on a vehicle of the type he has applied for.

Ans:Licence to drive a Non-Transport Vehicle is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or until the holder attains the age of 50 years, whichever is earlier. After that, the Licence is renewed every 5 years. Transport Vehicle Licence is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue or renewal.

Ans:a) Requirements for Fresh Driving Licence:

• Form–4-Application for issue of Fresh Driving Licence

• Valid Learner’s Licence in Form–3 should be more than 30 days old from the date of issue.

• One recent passport size photograph
• Driving Certificate in Form-5 from any Government recognized Driving School, if the applicant is to drive Transport Vehicle.

• Valid DL of Non-Transport Category of One year experience in the same category for which Transport Vehicle category is required.


• Applicant should appear in person along with respective class of vehicles for which LL is issued for undergoing driving test before the Motor Vehicle Inspector and should pass the test. If failed the applicant should appear for retest.


Sl.No Class of Licence Category Age of the applicant Licence Validity
1 Non-transport Less than 50 years 20 years or till the age of the applicant attained 50 years whichever is earlier
2 Non-transport More than 50 years 5 years
3 Transport Less than 50 years 3 years or till the age of the applicant attained 50 years whichever is earlier
4 Transport More than 50 years 3 years
5 Transport Hazardous More than 20 Years 1 Year or till the age of the applicant attained 50 years whichever is earlier

Ans:Requirements for Duplicate Driving Licence.

■Form LLD – duly signed by the driving licence holder with two specimen signatures (to be filled in the office where the licence was last renewed).
■One recent passport size photograph. NOC/FIR/GDE from concerned Police Station
Note: The applicant is eligible to duplicate licence in case of original licence is Lost/Defaced/Torn. The licence should be issued with clear mark in Red as “DUPLICATE”.

Ans:Requirements for Renewal of Driving Licence:

• Form – 9

• Form –1 – Application-cum-Self declaration as to the physical fitness

• From -1A – Medical Certificate for Transport Vehicle category and also for persons who have age above 50 years for any category.

• Original Driving Licence

• Two recent passport size photographs

Note: If the applicant applied 5 years after the expiry the applicant needs to go for Retest (Test of Competency)

Ans:Requirements for an Endorsement on Driving licence:

• Form – 8 duly signed by the licence holder.

• Form – 1- Application-cum-Self declaration as to the physical fitness

• From -1A- Medical Certificate for Transport Vehicle category and also for persons who have age above 50 years for any category.

• Form – 5 from recognized driving school for transport category
• Original Driving Licence.

• Original Learner’s Licence

• One recent passport size photograph.

Ans:Requirements for Change of Address in Driving Licence:

• The applicant should possess a valid Driving Licence with address proof.

• The applicant should write an application in proper format mentioning the details of new address whether temporary or permanent with original Driving Licence to the Licensing Authority of the jurisdiction where the applicant resides.

Conductor License:

Ans:If an existing Conductor’s Licence is lost or damaged or validity of Conductor’s Licence is expired or will expire soon, the licence holder has to apply for a duplicate Conductor’s Licence.

Requirements for Duplicate/Renewal of Conductor’s Licence:

• Form L CON A – The application for Duplicate Conductor’s Licence.

• Form L CON A- The application for Renewal of Conductor’s Licence

• Medical Certificate from the registered medical practitioner for Renewal of Conductor’s Licence.


• The licence produced for renewal should be valid and if the licence was submitted after 5 years from the date of expiry the licence gets cancelled.

• If the applicant possesses a valid licence at the time of renewal of licence the application should be rejected.

• The duplicate licence should be marked in Red as “DUPLICATE”.

• The Conductor’s Licence should be valid for renewal and should be submitted within 30 days before or after the date of expiry otherwise the applicable fine is imposed.

• The name and date of birth of the applicant should be checked with the details of all the Conductor’s Licences issued.

• The licence issued is valid throughout the State


Ans:The JTC/DTC/DTO of the district in which the applicant resides and drives the vehicle.

Ans: No, only in case where signature differs or in other doubtful cases the registered owner has to appear before the concerned in District Transport office. The other person can also represent for transactions in registration, if authorized by the vehicle owner and also to signature in disclaimer.

Ans: You should keep original registration certificate and other vehicle documents with your vehicle and keep photocopies at your home. The court can prosecute for not having original documents with you at the time of driving of vehicle.

Ans: No, you cannot. Any vehicle registered for its particular registration mark will remain its identifications and interchange of it is not allowed, but if you want retain your vehicle number in new vehicle then you can be change after completion of 03 years period of vehicle registration time subject to all the owner particular should be same.

Ans: The following documents are required for transfer the vehicle in death case:-

1. As per Rule 56 of Motor Vehicle 1989, the succession certificate is required.

2. The applicant (nominee) may apply for transfer of vehicle in Form 31 and column 5 clearly mentions that proof of his succession.

3. As per sub section 2(a) of Section 50 “the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle”

4. The succession certificate is required for transfer of ownership, if applying other than surviving member.

5. The surviving member certificate is required if nominee is applying for transfer of vehicle.

6. The member of family may also submit the No Objection Certificate in the name of nominee as names are mention in surviving certificate. The members may appear in person before the registering authority as name mention in the surviving certificate.

7. Death certificate and Form 30 duly fill up by nominee and signed.

8. Self attested copy of valid vehicle insurance.

9. Self attested copy of valid address proof.

10. Original vehicle registration certificate.

11. NOC and Form 35 from financer / Bank, if the vehicle under Hypothecation agreement.

12. Appropriate requisite fee specified in Rule 81 and composite fee if applicable.

Ans: The owner obtaining the NOC on his request. After issue the NOC then the vehicle will be treated de registered in the software system. The owner must be re register the vehicle at the office of destination place within 01 month and DTO can be re-register the vehicle as per their state policy, if the owner not been re register within time period.

The vehicle NOC can be cancel within 03 months from the date of issue subject to fulfil the following conditions is completed:-

1. The vehicle owner may submit the no dues and no utilization of NOC certificate obtained from the destination RTO.

2. The vehicle owner may submit the original NOC, original registration certificate, valid insurance of self attested copies.

3. The owner may submit the undertaking regarding vehicle not involve in court case/ crime case/ challan etc.

4. The owner may submit the appropriate reason for not registered the vehicle at destination DTO and vehicle produce for physical inspection along with Form 20.

Ans: If, the vehicle is transfer then all the liabilities / action will be frame against the vehicle owner, which record is showing in the govt. record.

Ans: All transport vehicles shall carry valid fitness certificate to ply on road. The owner shall apply for issue of fitness certificate in Form C.F.A. & A along with prescribed fee, Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Token, Pollution Under Control Certificate, Permit and produce the vehicle for inspection in a good condition. The Senior /Inspector of motor vehicle will inspect the vehicle on various technical aspects and after satisfying the Inspecting Authority the validity of renewal of Fitness certificate is issued for one year at a time.

Ans: The owner shall obtain renewal of registration certificate in respect of Non-Transport vehicles after 15 years from the date of its registration.

Application for renewal of registration certificate shall be made in Form 25 not more than SIXTY (60) DAYS before the date of its expiry along with documents viz. Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, Pollution Under Control Certificate, Prescribed fee and produce the vehicle for inspection in a good condition.

Registration Certificate will be renewed for a period of FIVE YEARS.

Ans: No, the basic structure of any vehicle as originally manufactures, cannot be altered in any case, except for the following exceptions:

(a) In case the engine is modified so as to alter the type of fuel used into battery / CNG / LPG / solar power, or any other fuel or source of energy by fitment of a conversion kit.

(b) In case the engine has become defective and is replaced by another engine of exactly the same make and type as the original.

Ans: Any trailer has to be registered under the same provisions that apply to the registration of vehicles.

Ans: Yes, It can. You have to maintain your vehicle fit throughout the year in safe and sound condition.

Ans: You will be held responsible for plying vehicle without registration and Insurance Company will not provide compensation to the victim.

Ans: The PUC Certificate of your vehicle shall be cancelled and you will be directed (under Rule 116 of CMV Rules) to produce a fresh PUC Certificate within seven days. The failure to comply with this direction would result in prosecution under section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Ans: After the expiry of period of one year from the date of first registration, every motor vehicle is required to carry a valid PUC Certificate & subsequently after every six months.

Ans: As per Central Motor Rules, 1989, every motor vehicle (including those conforming to BS-I/ BS-II/ BS-III/BS-IV as well as vehicles plying on CNG/LPG) is required to carry a valid PUC Certificate after the expiry of period of one year from the date of its first registration.